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Reverie™ Desktop Wireless Charger

In the past, when your phone died, you would have to try and find a cable and “hope” that it wasn’t too damaged or mangled to charge your phone. Now, with most newer phones having a Qi-enabled feature that allows you to wirelessly charge your phone, you don’t have to look in the junk draw for a cable that will work. Simply place your phone on the Reveriecharger and walk away. When you come back, your phone will be fully charged without that annoying “this cable is not supported by this phone” message.


  • Low heat emission and improved high efficiency Qi wireless receiver.
  • Universal fit for various kinds of phone.
  • Fast charge delivers up to 2A of charging power.
  • Stylish and compact takes up minimal space.
  • Includes Charging base and USB charging cord.
  • 3.937”( 101mm) diameter X .248”(6.3mm) thick 2.82oz (80g) weight.

Additional Product Details & Specifications

what's Special About The Reverie™ Charger?

    • Our fast wireless charging grommet is specially designed to sit on any flat surface making it ideal for office desks, night stand or even RV counter top.
    • The rim of the disk glows green when waiting for a phone then will change to “breathing” blue when charging.
    • Please note; Indicator will not turn off when charging is complete.
    • Quickly and easily access your phone at any time without fumbling to remove the cable from it.
    • Four gripping pads hold your phone securely in the perfect spot to maximize charging.
    • Three colors (Black, Silver or Rose metallic base) to match most decors.
Part #
Desktop Wireless Charger 10W
Black Metallic Base - Black Top
Desktop Wireless Charger 5W
Black Clear
Desktop Wireless Charger 10W
Rose Color Metallic Base - White Top
Desktop Wireless Charger 10W
Silver Color Metallic Base - White Top